Carmen’s initial contact with Biodanza was in 2004. Such was the impact of this discipline that she decided to train as a facilitator in the School of Biodanza of San Francisco, California. She has also completed the necessary course work to train prospective Biodanza facilitators. This practice, besides the fact that it has enriched and transformed her life, has also given her the opportunity to travel and share it with people all over the world. It is through these years of experiences, travels and encounters, Carmen continues to enrich her story and define her present day, to share with humanity.


Biodanza with Children

Biodanza Neo-Shamanism

Self -esteem & Self-image


¨Heal your life¨, by Louise Hay.

Ayurvedic healing and massage.

Osho´s ¨Mystic Rose Meditation¨

Biodanza has enriched and transformed her life, and given her the opportunity to travel the world and facilitate classes.

Which led her to take Biodanza to diverse environments, such as addiction recovery groups, sessions for seniors.


I fell in love with biodanza instantly, after experiencing a vivencia for the first time, I knew this was for me. After approximately 10 years of practicing Biodanza there is no doubt that this is what I want and need to do for myself and to honor the love of dance that my mother has inherited/embodied in me. Biodanza has provided me with the opportunity to do everything I love, dancing, travelling, transformation and creating new friendships, all while making a difference to people’s lives.

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