Rolando Toro

Biodanza is about feeling the Intensity of the
moment. If we are in the here and now, then
life becomes fantastic and every moment is
full of enhancement.

- Rolando Toro

Biodanza is a system that promotes human development through integrating experiences induced by music and dance. It consists of a set of exercises, organized music – according to the theoretical model of Biodanza – with the aim of raising the level of health, develop a better communication, and stimulate creativity. Each participant is invited to discover and display their own vital answers and their particular form of expression and action. Biodanza is an invitation to the joy of life, pleasure to dance, and learn to live together.

Biodanza was born cradled by music and movement, and had its origin in Chile. Its creator, Rolando Toro Araneda, was a Faculty Member of the Center for Medical Anthropology, School of Medicine, University of Santiago in 1965. It is in this same year when he began his first works from the dance. On this occasion, their patients of the Psychiatric Hospital of the University were the firsts to know what would be the future Biodanza. But, like all living things, Biodanza began to grow, expand, and in the early 70′s bent his steps to Argentina. There, Rolando Toro continued to deepen and experiencing in this fertile area. Years later Rolando traveled to Brazil. Belo Horizonte, Brasilia and Sao Paulo are among the cities where the young Biodanza began to settle and grow.

Rolando stayed in Brazil until the mid 80 and then he started another journey, this time to Italy. Once settled in Milan, Biodanza expanded by several European countries and Training Schools were opened in Germany, Spain, England, France, Switzerland. Biodanza is now practiced in Europe, Latin America, Japan, Australia and South Africa. In these 40 years has created a network affective from thousands of people around the world who share and enjoy this warm meeting we call Biodanza.

All types of people of all ages can benefit. Single, married, stressed executives etc. Companies have found that it assists in building. Everyone can benefit from the direct communication from the heart that is the essence of Biodanza. The benefits of a Biodanza class are that you will leave feeling happy, relaxed and in communication with people again. There is also a major biochemical and neurological rebalancing happening in the body – all towards a sense of well-being. For many people, these changes progressively lead towards profound changes in their lives.

What you do with these benefits is, of course, up to you and your current life situation. But generally people find their stress levels reduce, their communication improves and their relationships just get better.


Stress is essentially when life starts to get on top of you. This can be work, finance, love, home life, or any number of life pressures we all experience. Biodanza gives you a space to come back into yourself and re-balance again. A happy person is more tolerant, more understanding and more able to listen to others. It is simply amazing how a class of two hours of guaranteed happiness per week can improve how you communicate with those close to you.

Regular Biodanza classes help people become more open, confident and self assured. It essentially increases that non-quantifiable quality – personal presence. Your ability to communicate determines your relative success and happiness in life. It affects your progress at work, your ability to socialise, your level of domestic happiness and how you are perceived socially.

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